Avoiding burnout at Christmas and the New Year

It’s less than a week to the ‘most wonderful time of year’ but it can also be the most stressful time of the year. There are so many things to do, some may have completed all their shopping, wrapped presents, etc. But for others they still have so much to do and are already in panic mode, feeling stressed and agitated, even though they have been so organised. Then there are others who have not started their shopping and are running around frantically trying to get everything ready.

There is a danger of been burnt out, which of course means you can’t really enjoy the day with your loved ones. It’s important to think of your wellbeing as people have been known to be ill on Christmas day as they have been run down.  Then there is New Year celebrations, meaning (for those who do) that there is no time to come up for air. Although, not as much preparations as Christmas but it can still be stressful especially if you are planning a party. From personal perspective can I offer tips to ensure you don’t crash – your wellbeing?

Tips for Wellbeing at Christmas and New Year

  1. Make a realistic list, not a wish list.
  2. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. If you have a family, delegate task.
  3. Carry out tasks in tiny chunks, know your strength and what you are capable of.
  4. Don’t take on too much – don’t feel bad about saying no.
  5. Stick to your budget – need I say more?
  6. Enjoy yourself, don’t be bugged down with uncompleted tasks, your family and friends (I hope) will understand.
  7. Eat the unhealthy food and snacks but in moderation. Try not to beat yourself up if you have not had time to exercise or found yourself eating unhealthily, don’t give up. The important thing is to go back to your healthy lifestyle after the celebrations.
  8. I have to state the not so obvious (I do this a lot); don’t forgot to take time out for yourself. Yes be selfish, there is only one you, if you don’t take care of yourself you will be no use to anyone else. Harsh but true – I am literally saying this out loud to myself as I do this a lot.  I am working on this and hope to be better in the New Year.


Hi, I am Dee, a certified Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach from South London, England. My goal is to help people with diabetes live a healthy lifestyle without the fad diets. The purpose of the blog is to share tips, advice on all things nurition and wellbeing. Please feel to comment or ask questions but please respect the views and opinions of others. This blog will be moderated, this means I will not tolerate bad language/behaviour; bullying or harassment, anyone not adhering to this will be blocked.

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