Staying Fit – what works?

It is that time of year – new resolutions to keep fit. Everyone knows that the fitness and wellness industry is megabucks, we are offered discount gym memberships, sports wear are displayed at the entrance of shops, etc.

Before you go out to buy, order gym outfits or book membership. Have you thought about the type of fitness really works, just because there are adverts everywhere and others are going to the gym, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to. There are other ways to keep fit; for example; power walking, swimming, dancing, skipping, running, cycling, handball. My preferred activity is working out to HITT videos on my favourite youtube channel. It is very gruelling but I enjoy it and the result.

All you have to do is go for what is not only suitable for you but an activity you actually enjoy. Exercising should be fun, if you are not enjoying an activity it means you need to move on to something more suitable. However, do bear in mind that any activity you choose should leave you out of breathe and help you lose weight. Some activities may take a bit longer than others but hang in there.

Advantages of keeping fit.

– can prevent heart disease

– diabetes

– osteoporosis

-improve the quality of your sleep.

-builds your confidence

-good for your mental health

-keeps your brain activity

Whatever, activity you decide to choose make sure you are consistent. Other ways of keeping fit are taking the chairs instead of the lift, getting off before your bus stop and walking to your destination.

In conclusion, make sure you have ‘rest’ days, as you don’t want to overdo it as it could result in injury or even illness.


Hi, I am Dee, a certified Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach from South London, England. My goal is to help people with diabetes live a healthy lifestyle without the fad diets. The purpose of the blog is to share tips, advice on all things nurition and wellbeing. Please feel to comment or ask questions but please respect the views and opinions of others. This blog will be moderated, this means I will not tolerate bad language/behaviour; bullying or harassment, anyone not adhering to this will be blocked.

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